Global Prayer Strikeforce

A school designed to train, equip, mentor, impart into, and release strategic prayer warriors for the End-Time harvest.

Dear Enlistee,

Thank you for answering the clarion call to war! The Lord has given me clear marching orders to gather, train, and raise an army of prayer commandos who are committed to fulfilling and enforcing God’s end-time agenda for His Kingdom in families, churches, communities, cities, nations, and the earth through their divine authority in true intercessory prayer:  A GLOBAL PRAYER STRIKEFORCE, dressed for war (Ephesians 6:11) and ready for deployment in the spiritual battle of the ages.  By enlisting you have agreed that you are one of those individuals who is ready to answer the call and say yes to the challenge to take hold of the authority and responsibility of ushering in the greatest move of God and the greatest harvest of souls that has ever been known. Are you ready?  It’s time for WAR!

Each enlistee will go through a 12 week training program that will impart into them, empower them, and equip them with spiritual weapons and prophetic insights they never realized were available to them in the Lord. In this course, you will learn how to access the armory of heaven and how to use this supernatural arsenal for victory over the forces of the enemy.

Registration packets containing all the necessary materials will be provided to enlistees at the time of registration. During Orientation, the Student Manual will be introduced, an overview of the schedule of classes will be presented, and other policies will be discussed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the greatest body of prayer warriors that has ever been assembled and developed in the history of the church. Join this mighty host today and your life will never be the same.

To get enlisted and registered today and start downloading the Online Training Manual, click here to register.


Yours for Breaking Barriers & Building Bridges,

Archbishop N. Duncan-Williams